Gaco-Western Pure Silicone Roofing

100 Year Material With a 50 Year Warranty!

Whether you’re rehabbing an existing foam roof or coating a new metal roof, Gaco Western has a roof system to meet your needs.  Gaco spray foam and coatings provide seamless insulation and waterproofing, and are fully adhered to the substrate.  This eliminates common sources of leaks and pooling water beneath roofing material. 

Gaco coatings are elastomeric, meaning they are able to stretch as the substrate warms and cools through the day and through the seasons.  Characterized by high physical properties, GacoFlex coatings are tough enough to withstand years of abuse by sun and weather.

Gaco has also developed roof systems to meet specific project requirements.  From quick-set spray applications, to highly reflective coatings designed to lower your energy bills, Gaco has the breadth and depth of applications to get your project done well and done on time.

For the cost of just coating your roof you will receive a full warranted, highly reflective, weather tested roofing system.

You can deduct the ENTIRE COST of this in ONE year as maintenance.

The life of the roof will be extended 50 years and lower energy costs will be incurred for the next 20 years. The pure silicone product is warranted for 50 years, but can last up to 100. Nothing breaks silicone down, not the sun, not the weather. Even ponding water cannot penetrate this seamless roof system. All roofs will hold some amount of water, this will null and void other roof systems warranties, not Gaco's. On top of the 50 year manufacturer warranty you will also receive a 10 or 20 year workmanship warranty.

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