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Is one part of your roof giving you trouble, but you don't want to replace the whole thing? Not to worry, whatever type of roof that is on your home or business we have a solution for you.


For any flat or metal roof on your residential or commercial building we have the PERFECT solution. We use our Gaco Roof Silicone material that is guaranteed to keep the water out. Silicone is a 100 year material that comes with a 50 year warranty when coating your entire roof. We use this same material to perform PERMANENT repairs.


This condominium's roof still has a couple years of life left in it, but was experiencing leaks near the drain. A common problem area with any roof. This picture is what it looked like before we gave it a Chillemi Restoration and Roofing makeover.


In a few short hours we were able to identify all of the areas that were causing an issue or may cause one in the future. Their roof was coated with our favorite waterproofing product, silicone! It is no longer giving our customer any trouble.




This foam roof has been heavily patched with an assortment of materials. The drain had several issues with it.




We cut out all the foam around the drain, scraped the cement and cleaned it. We then heavily coated it with silicone. Several channels were cut in the foam to help the water get to the drain.



Our customer's metal roof was experiencing major rust issues. The posts of his deck were also in need of a long term solution.




Our silicone product is ideal to protect your roof from the elements. We scraped away the rust, primed and coated the roof deck and the posts, to help protect them for the next 50 years!




The shingles in this valley eroded and ultimately caused a leak due to debris from nearby trees.




We cleaned the tree debris, replaced the shingles and re-mudded the valley. No more leak! The vent pipes and surrounding shingles were also replaced.




Our customer had numerous broken and cracked tiles.




All cracked tiles beyond repair were reattached. Tiles beyond repair were replaced.



All other types of roofing are no problem at all. If your home or business has shingle, shake, tile or slate, Without a doubt, we will keep the water out!" We use only the highest quality material and have over 35 years of experience repairing all types of roofs.


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